Jean Baptiste

jean baptiste high voodoo priestJean Baptiste was born on March 5, 1961 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He learned about the mysteries of voodoo when he was a little boy, as his mother was  considered one of the top voodoo practitioners of her time.

In fact, High Priest Jean Baptiste comes from a long line of voodoo priests and practitioners. His mother (Mathelda) was considered a local legend, and his grandmother (Elda) was a voodoo priest that worked for many politicians from Baton Rouge to Washington, D.C.

Jean Baptiste’s great great grandmother (Susan) actually worked for Marie Laveau herself from 1873 to 1879. Susan’s experiences from Marie Laveau were handed down to her children, and their children, all the way down to Jean Baptiste.

Still today, Jean Baptiste uses the same teachings that were shared by Marie Laveau to his family. He gives offerings to Laveau with every spell and curse that he casts, and he makes almost daily visits to Marie Laveau’s grave that is located in the St Louis Cemetery in New Orleans, Louisiana.

While Jean Baptiste became a voodoo high priest over 30 years ago, his practice was only known by his followers in and around New Orleans until he began offering his services online in 2011. Since then, Jean has spread his intimate knowledge of voodoo (and its powers) to thousands of people all over the world.

Jean’s unique abilities, combined with the blessings given by Marie Laveau herself, has changed the lives of many. His spells, potions and curses have blessed many that have asked for his help.

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