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voodoo dollsThank you for visiting Voodoo Spells! This site is brought to you by the Voodoo High Priest Jean Baptiste, and by the support of our sponsors.

Jean Baptiste has been a master in the art of voodoo for more than 30 years. He regularly performs voodoo rituals for politicians, celebrities and regular people in the New Orleans, LA area.

While Jean Baptiste usually charges $300 – $1,000 to perform a ritual curse or spell, the spells offered here are 100% free to you! We can do this thanks to the generosity of our sponsors.

If you need to reach a voodoo priest right now to cast a powerful spell for you, please go to Voodoo High Priest George Claud’s website.

We are offering you 9 voodoo spells for free! You can get all 9 of these spells, with very specific instructions to cast them, for absolutely free.

To request the same spells (for FREE) that Jean Baptiste regularly uses for his personal clients, simply enter your name and best email below. Remember to use your best/real email, or else you will not receive the spells. Once you have submitted it, simply check your email and confirm it.

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After you have subscribed and confirmed your email, we will send you the exact 9 spells that Jean Baptiste performs every day. You will be given instructions that are fairly simple, and that must be exactly followed.

What types of free voodoo spells will we give you? They are:

  1. Love Spells: Make him/her fall in love with you!
  2. Revenge Spells: Get even!
  3. Money Spells: Need more money?
  4. Get Your Ex Back Spells: Make him/her come back to you!
  5. Get Pregnant Spells: Want to have a baby?
  6. Good Health Spells: Want to improve your health?
  7. Good Luck Spells: Turn that bad luck around!
  8. Quit Smoking Spells: This will help you put those cigs down!
  9. Weight Loss Spells: This will help you lose weight!

Again, to get all 9 of these spells for 100% FREE, simply subscribe with your name and real email. Then check your email to confirm.

Lastly, please be careful with these spells! They are very real, and are very powerful!